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Okemos, MI Landscaping Services

If you take a look at some of the landscaping work being done in Okemos, MI, you will find artful, well-crafted work being done all over the area. There are a number of companies offering landscaping services, but how many are able to handle all the projects you need.

With so many landscaping companies to choose from, you want to find a reputable company. Rambo Outdoor Management is a landscaping company in Okemos, MI that knows how to best approach each space to create a beautiful living environment. We provide a wide range of services meant to beautify and protect your home. Our Okemos, MI landscaping company can design a space that perfectly suits all of your needs, or even surpasses them.

Landscape Design in Okemos, MI

Over the years, landscape design has evolved into the art form it is today. A successful landscape design involves the careful analysis of a space then thoughtful planning on how to best go about setting up the space in a way that is both beautiful and practical.

When done correctly, landscape design can even help bring the value of your Okemos, MI property up by creating a beautiful, sustainable environment that makes outdoor living more enjoyable.

There are many reasons one might want to set up an outdoor space in their home. It makes a great center for entertaining guests in a warm environment, and can also create a luscious oasis for you to escape to after a long day at work, or just when you want to enjoy the great outdoors.

Whatever your reason is for looking into landscape design in the Okemos, MI area, there are so many benefits. When done properly, landscape design will help to elevate a space and leave it much better than before. The right landscape design company in Dewitt, MI will help to create your ideal outdoor space that leaves nothing to be desired.

You can learn more about Okemos, MI Residential Landscape Design here.

Okemos, MI Landscape Installation

Adding a landscape installation to your property can sometimes feel intimidating but when you go about it the right way it can be a wonderful experience with an even better end result.

Each landscape design you decide to add to your home is supposed to accentuate the natural beauty of your property or add a flair in some way that is appealing to the eye.

While there are many surface benefits to adding a landscape installation there are also many practical benefits such as house protection from harsh weather conditions, soil erosion, fixing drainage issues, and many more.

If planned well it can even add aesthetically to your house all year round if you choose plants that are not just seasonal.

Lawn Care in Okemos, MI

There is a lot more that goes into good lawn care than one might expect. Lawn care focuses not only on taking care of the grass that shows on the surface, but taking care of all aspects including the soil and fertilization to make sure that the grass is healthy enough to maintain a vibrant color and does not grow in patches.

Patchy grass yields a very unsightly look. Good lawn care in Okemos, MI will leave your grass looking lush and green with soil that is healthy enough to make sure that it will stay that way for a while.

When choosing a Okemos, MI lawn care company, it is important to stay on a weekly or bi-weekly cutting schedule. Regular cuttings keep your grass looking good and healthy. When grass gets to long, it makes the blades on the mower dull faster causing the grass to not be cut smoothly.

You can learn more about Okemos, MI Residential Lawn Maintenance here.

Drainage in Okemos, MI

One of the biggest problems that can quickly lead to issues on any property is poor drainage, or water that flows in the wrong direction and needs to be redirected.

If left unresolved, drainage issues can quickly lead to expensive home repairs such as damage to your foundation, swamped lawns, flooded basements, and so much more.

Our Okemos, MI landscaping company can come in and help with drainage issues by installing effective drainage systems to help distribute or re-direct all the unwanted water.

You can learn more about Okemos, MI Residential Drainage & Runoff here.

Hardscapes & Retaining Walls in Okemos, MI

Another highly requested service in Okemos, MI are hardscapes and retaining walls. Our landscaping company can add a hardscapes or retaining wall to your outdoor spaces.

A hardscape is something that adds aesthetically or practically to your outdoor property that is not plant related. This can be things like stone pathways, ponds, patios, trellises, and more. While they add visually to your space, most of the time hardscapes provide very practical and essential benefits as well.

You can learn more about Okemos, MI Residential Retaining Wall & Hardscape here.

Okemos, MI Paver Patios

In addition to hardscapes, paver patios are also common for homes in Okemos, MI. Our landscaping company can install paver patios to give you a nice outdoor living space to enjoy.

Whether it’s a new walkway or you want an area where you can place an outdoor kitchen, we are able to install all sizes and shapes of paver patios in Okemos, MI.

You can learn more about Okemos, MI Paver Patio Installation here.

Other Okemos, MI Landscaping Services We Offer

In addition to the above services, we also provide the following residential services to customers in or near Okemos, MI.

If you are looking for a service that isn’t listed, don’t worry. We provide several other services that are not listed on our website yet, so give us a call at 517-898-8137 and we will be happy to assist with all your landscaping needs.