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Dewitt, MI Commercial Drainage & Runoff

Drainage and runoff are important aspects of construction that are usually well-managed before a building is ever built in the first place. Modern construction firms are familiar with common issues and do their best to mitigate any potential problems, but sometimes small details slip through the cracks or the land or building changes over time in unexpected ways. Despite the advantages of new construction, there are plenty of commercial units and buildings that are located in older structures which may have deteriorated over time or were not as well-designed in the first place. Sometimes numerous additions to an existing structure are built without forethought regarding how an addition may affect water flow on the property as a whole. When drainage issues become apparent, many business owners are caught off guard and question how to move forward.

Rambo Outdoor Management LLC is familiar with drainage and runoff problems that happen to many businesses and how the associated problems can be solved. Perhaps a new building has been constructed in close proximity to yours and now runoff and drainage from the new property has created problems with water pooling or flowing in small rivers across the lawn and parking lots. Not only can these water flows damage your lawn and landscaping, but where the water pools can be a big problem for building foundations and windows. Buildings are designed to have water flow away from them to avoid prolonged moisture around basement windows and foundations, since water in these areas can cause leaks into the building, which is sure to cause expensive damage.

To help water drain away without hurting your commercial building, our team is able to install catch basins or dry wells to help water absorb into the soil where it can be redirected more efficiently. We can also set  dry beds, which are larger that dry wells and are created by trading soil for well-spaced underground rocks. Water can collect between these rocks without saturating the soil and pooling. In parking lots, we can install drains that collect water so that it doesn’t build up and eventually flow towards your building or storage areas. We can also help you plan how to grade your property so that water naturally flows downhill and away from important structures. If erosion is a concern, retaining walls are an excellent option and our team can help place them in an optimal location. When gardens are in need of water, runoff can even be redirected to drier areas so that trees and plants can flourish. This reduces time spent watering plants and can make runoff useful instead of frustrating.

To get a commercial quote for runoff and drainage management, call us today and book an appointment for a consultation. We can identify potential problem areas and save you money by avoiding future repairs due to water damage.