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Dewitt, MI Commercial Small Tree & Shrubbery Pruning

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Dewitt, MI Commercial Small Tree & Shrubbery Pruning

The exterior of your commercial property is the visual representation of your business. It can make or break how you appear to current customers as well as potential clients. As such, it should look neat and tidy, aesthetically beautiful and properly designed. The trees, bushes and plants that you choose to have on your property can add a great deal of style to your landscaping, but they need to be properly maintained throughout the year. Remember, it is worse to have a shabby looking garden than to not have one at all.  In order to keep your property looking its best, you should plan on hiring a professional company to manage your trees and shrubbery, as they are best able to keep all plants disease-free and in great shape.

When hiring Rambo Outdoor Management LLC to manage your trees and shrubbery, know that our team is experienced in handling trees that have been damaged due to poor pruning practices and plants that are suffering due to broken branches or pest invasions. We are also able to manage hedges and can advise you about how to fertilize and care for various types of trees should you wish to keep an eye on some plants on your own. Unlike some less-than-professional companies, we won’t leave cleanup of leaves, branches and clippings up to you. We manage branches and debris from pruning as we work, so that when the job is complete you can enjoy your landscaping right away.

Before we start work on your property, we create a plan with our clients to establish how often pruning should happen depending on the types of trees and hedges on the property. Some trees grow faster than others and should be maintained more often to keep your business looking sharp. When we fertilize plants and trees, they may grow faster and fuller than you are familiar with and pruning may become necessary at more regular intervals. If you happen to notice that your trees and bushes need work earlier than planned, giving us a call is enough to have us reschedule and meet with you so that your pruning needs are met right away.