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Dewitt, MI Residential Retaining Wall & Hardscape

Most properties in Dewitt, MI have a number of hardscape features and some features retaining walls as well. If your property is located near a body of water or if your soil has poor drainage, erosion is likely a concern and a retaining wall is a great way to curb this issue while improving the appearance of your property. As for hardscapes in Dewitt, MI, your back patio and the walkway to your front door are the most common areas for stonework or man-made outdoor structures such as a deck, all of which are considered to be hardscapes. Over time, many property owners discover that their hardscapes either need repair due to cracking and weeds or have simply become outdated. Our team of professional Dewitt, MI retaining wall and hardscape design and installers know how to make the best of these design features so that your home can shine.

Starting from the initial consultation, we analyze your Dewitt, MI property and consider aspects such as tree coverage, drainage, and layout in order to best add hardscape features such as water fountains and patios or walkways in a way that is aesthetically pleasing while also being highly functional and low maintenance. We strive to help you enjoy every corner of your yard and adding beautiful pathways and walls can make exploring your yard interesting and inviting. Having guests over for the weekend is wonderful when time can be spent outdoors without having to walk through uneven terrain or poorly laid out pathways. We listen to your needs and design the property based on how you plan to use it, all while incorporating modern design elements and technical skill.

If you are starting your design process from scratch, we can help you decide where things should be located to bring out the potential that your yard holds. Even the most unkempt property can be transformed into a peaceful oasis with the right tools, planning, and materials. We offer a variety of stone and material choices, sure to please your guests and family alike. We can also work within your budget to provide the most service and style for the best price.

Some examples of what we can add to your property include paver patios, stone walkways, stone garden borders, driveway pavers, retaining walls, outdoor cooking and entertainment areas and play areas for children and pets of all ages. We can also grade your property and improve drainage depending on your specific needs. Call us today at 517-898-8137 for a free consultation and truly enjoy your property throughout the year starting now.