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Dewitt, MI Residential Bark & Mulch Delivery & Installation

  • Bark & Mulch Delivery & Installation

Dewitt, MI Residential Bark & Mulch Delivery & Installation

Maintaining garden and the area underneath trees is no easy task, but many homeowners choose to add bark or mulch to help their plants or trees grow and to keep pesky weeds at bay. Bark and mulch are offered in a wide variety of textures and colors and add definition to your property while helping retain moisture, regulate temperature and starve weeds. It truly is a wonderful addition to any home and should be seriously considered as a way to bring your yard together. Based on the style and colors of your home, we can help you choose a color that makes your property stand out.

Oftentimes, homeowners decide to use mulch on their own by purchasing small bags at a time from a local garden center. Unfortunately, mulch and bark need to be applied very evenly and with a specific depth based on the desired application. If applied too sparsely, weeds can easily grow through the material and when applied too deep, there is a chance that the material will actually harm your plants more than it helps them. This is why we offer both delivery and installation to all of our customers. We also offer fertilizer and soil testing should you feel that your plants have not been thriving as well as they used to or if trees appear to be producing less new branches and flowers.

Beyond garden beds and tree bases, mulch or bark can be used to resolve issues with high traffic areas in your yard. Play areas reserved for your pet or for your children often damage the lawn or become a muddy section of your property. By adding bark or mulch in a section of your yard, both your pets and children can play for hours and you won’t have to worry about repairing the lawn or rinsing the mud off of your beloved family members. Since it is a natural product, you don’t need to worry about chemicals affecting your loved ones and your children and pets will stay much cleaner rolling around in bark or mulch than they ever could playing on your lawn.  

For a residential estimate, give us a quick call. We can discuss your color preferences as well as how to best use mulch and bark on your property. We can also advise you if gardens and trees are lacking nutrients and how to better care for your lawn during every season. We pride ourselves on being available to clients, so why not start enjoying your yard sooner!