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Okemos, MI Residential Landscape Design

Whether you just purchased a property near Okemos, MI, or you have decided to change and improve a property that you have owned for years, using our Okemos, MI landscape design team is an excellent way to make the best of any size property. If you are hoping to put your home on the market, curb appeal is incredibly important and investing in landscape design for your Okemos, MI home could make the difference between selling your home right away and waiting months for your property to generate interest.

Our Okemos, MI landscape design team has a wealth of experience making homes look their best, but we believe that the customer’s vision for their property is the most important aspect. If you spend a great deal of time outdoors making dinners on the grill, then we would likely focus on making a nice family area for cooking and enjoying meals. If you have a larger property, we would recommend adding stylish patios and walkways in order to make the most of your yard. When adding trees or flowers, we want to make sure that we choose plants that appeal to you as a homeowner instead of focusing solely on outward appearances.

When getting started with landscape design for your home near Okemos, MI, you can expect to have an initial consultation with us to give you an idea of what we would do with your property and to determine what your specific needs are based on your lifestyle. If you have children or pets, we will factor this into our landscape design process to make sure that everyone is happy and can enjoy the property. If there are plants that you hate the smell of or trees that take up more space that you want, the initial consultation is the best time to let us know about these issues. Should your preferences change down the road, we will certainly be available to help you make any changes.

As a professional landscaping company, we offer many different landscaping techniques to make your home look perfect. We can add gorgeous retaining walls, flowing garden beds, impressive trees, winding patio stones, fountains, sitting areas, among others, and know how to grade your property so that the lawn is always perfect and water build-up is never a problem. Before starting any work on your land, we provide a sketch based on your preferences and our experience. From there, we can add or remove various design elements until you are satisfied with the sketch of your home.  

Once we have a design in mind, we can get back to you with a more fleshed-out estimate regarding costs and a timeframe. Next, we can provide you with construction drawings to facilitate obtaining a permit for the work and to provide you with the more intricate details of the materials we plan on using as well as the size and layout of all property features.

Call us today at 517-898-8137 to learn more about our Okemos, MI landscape design team and to get a free estimate. Even small changes can make an impressive difference!