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Grand Ledge, MI Residential Snow Plowing & Ice Removal

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Grand Ledge, MI Residential Snow Plowing & Ice Removal

The winter can be a wonderful time of year, but nobody likes to shovel their Grand Ledge, MI driveway in the early hours of the morning before heading to work. We provide Grand Ledge, MI residential snow & ice removal to alleviate your worries and obligation of shoveling after a large snowfall. Many homeowners try to drive through the snow without shoveling to avoid getting sweaty and tired before the day has even begun, but this can cause a car to get stuck and risks damaging the vehicle. In the event that you successfully drive through the snow in your driveway, shoveling is inevitable and takes away from your free time as well as the time you could be spending with your family.

Rambo Outdoor Management LLC is well-versed in residential snow removal in Grand Ledge, MI and understands that you don’t have time to be shoveling on your own. Our trained professionals show up on time and make sure that your driveway, walkways and garage access areas are free and clear of ice and snow before you need to leave for work or before you get home. Communication is key to getting jobs done right the first time, so we always meet with our client to discuss where snow should be piled and how often snow should be removed from your home. We can even clear walkways behind your home so that you can access tool sheds or garages, even a backyard patio. Sensitive areas of your yard, such as garden or bushes that may be hidden with snow, will be marked so that our plows do not damage them over the winter.  

Managing the ice on your walkways and driveway of your Grand Ledge, MI home are also important aspects of maintaining your home during the winter. This is especially true for properties with inclined walkways or steep driveways. Slips and falls are very common during the winter, especially for children and elderly people. Accidents can be avoided by salting along with using sand and graveling problem areas. Many homeowners don’t realize that strangers who have an accident on their property are able to claim damages if there is an injury, which means that a mailman or solicitor falling on your property can become an issue that gets out of hand quickly. By hiring our professional company to manage your Grand Ledge, MI residential snow management needs, you are being a responsible homeowner and are protecting yourself from potential issues.

If you feel that professional snow removal in Grand Ledge, MI could benefit your home and lifestyle, give us a call today at 517-898-8137 for an estimate this winter. Our team is happy to help and can keep your family and friends safe and will save you hours of time that can be better spent with the ones you love or activities you enjoy.