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East Lansing, MI Residential Lawn Maintenance

Owning your own property is wonderful but mowing the lawn on a regular basis gets old fast. Mowing around trees, gardens and walkways only makes the job harder and less enjoyable. Our professional landscaping team provides residential lawn maintenance in East Lansing, MI at an affordable price.

Perhaps you find yourself letting the grass get quite long before doing anything about it. Of course, most people would prefer to be doing fun activities with their family on sunny days instead of endless yard work. Let our team provide the lawn care for your East Lansing, MI home. With Rambo Outdoor Management LLC working for you, you can spend as much time as possible admiring your yard and no time at all maintaining the lawn! Our professional team of landscapers can mow around obstacles and gardens with great precision so that they always look their best.

Keeping your East Lansing, MI lawn mowed and well-trimmed not only makes your home look impressive compared to your neighbors, but it also keeps the grass healthier overall. When you delay mowing, you allow for pesky weeds to develop and for bald spots to go unnoticed and given enough time your lawn quality can deteriorate. Keeping debris off of your lawn is vital to keeping the grass healthy, so our spring and fall cleanup services are ideal when you need leaves and debris removed from the grass along with the grass clippings. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a luscious lawn without the hard work that goes along with it? Rambo Outdoor Management LLC is an expert when it comes to solving lawn problems and can give you tips for improving lawn quality over the spring to fall season and can make sure that all appropriate steps are taken to help your lawn best survive after winter.

Not only do we mow and maintain your East Lansing, MI lawn, but we also use a trimmer to tidy up difficult to mow areas, such as near the wall of a building or structure, and we offer edging services near patio tiles and garden beds. After all, a patio is not attractive when weeds are creeping through the tiles. We can come up with a maintenance plan that suits all your needs and the features of your property. As for scheduling, our team is readily available to work for you and we strive to offer an excellent customer experience. Whether you hire our company exclusively for spring and fall cleanups or for full lawn maintenance outside of the snowy periods, we aim to keep your property looking neat and tidy for as long as possible.

Once you realize how much time you have been spending on your maintaining your East Lansing, MI lawn, you may want to consider adding some of our other services to your maintenance package. For example, we also offer East Lansing, MI mulching services to maintain your garden with high quality mulch and we can add fertilizers and soil when required. We can also trim small trees and shrubs, all of which make your home look truly manicured without the hassle of finding time to do the work yourself. Call for an estimate today at 517-898-8137 and enjoy a better tomorrow without yard work.