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East Lansing, MI Residential Drainage & Runoff

Drainage and runoff issues in East Lansing, MI should never be of concern for homeowners, but unfortunately it is all too common for water to find its way into any home and wreak havoc. In most cases, drainage and runoff problems are caused by issues that have been overlooked for years and when damage becomes noticeable it is usually too late to prevent expensive repairs. By hiring a trained professional to fix your residential drainage and runoff problems in East Lansing, MI, at-risk areas of your home can be identified in advance and our team can provide you with an action plan to improve the drainage of your home so that water damage is never a worry.

Most homeowners notice that they have a runoff and drainage problem in their East Lansing, MI home when their basement becomes wet after rainfall or when snow is melting. A damp basement can cause mold and is a sign that major house repairs are on the horizon. It is very common for foundation problems to be the cause of a wet basement and these foundation problems are usually caused by water pooling against the foundation of a home instead of draining away from it. Older homes are especially prone to this issue since the foundation may have settled over time, causing the land around the home to sit higher than the home itself. This is a grading issue and our team is equipped to grade the landscape around your home more efficiently.

Some homeowners complain that lawns or gardens are damaged by streams of runoff water carving pathways into their landscaping. This is caused by poor drainage of runoff and can be fixed with a dry well, catch basin or dry bed. All these solutions feature improved drainage of the soil in specific areas by adding rocks or by replacing soil with rocks so that water can fill the spaces in between a rocky substrate instead of pooling on your lawn. In the event that your home is suffering from erosion problems, either due to runoff or by being close to a body of water, Rambo Outdoor Management LLC is able to help you plan and build a retaining wall to redirect water and to prevent soil from being washed away.

To get a residential quote for runoff and drainage management for your East Lansing, MI home, call us today at 517-898-8137 or book an appointment for a free consultation. We can identify potential problem areas around your East Lansing, MI home and prevent water damage that can reduce the value of your home. A home with proper drainage is easier to maintain and is always worth more when it comes time to sell.