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Dewitt, MI Paver Patio Installation

Dewitt, MI Paver Patio Installation

Having a beautiful outdoor space with a new paver patio in Dewitt, MI can be easier than you think, along with making the space more useful and attractive.

A paver patio for your Dewitt, MI home can be installed using bricks, concrete and stone pavers. The blocks can be the same or different sizes and come in various designs and patterns. There isn’t a one size that fits all and can be as custom as you want it to be.

Even if you decide to install it through DIY methods after watching YouTube or other sources, it’s a good idea to get familiar with professional installation. Here’s your guide on patio paver installation in Dewitt, MI:

Planning and Layout

Before you hop onto the execution, start planning! Make sure you’re well aware of the area you want to convert into a paver patio. Decide where you would want to place your pavers and if possible, mark the area to get an idea of the overall look.

If it’s right next to your Dewitt, MI house, you will want to make sure to add a slight slope into it to allow the water roll off and away from your house when in rains.

Calculating Amount of Pavers

The next thing to do is measure the area that needs to be converted into a paver patio. Measure the width and length of the area accurately and calculate the area through it. You should ideally add 5-10% to the area for cracked or chipped stones, curves, and other issues that are common when installing a paver patio in Dewitt, MI.

The area should then be used to multiply with the paver coverage which may vary from supplier to supplier.

Excavate the area for the paver patio in Dewitt, MI

Empty the place that needs to be converted and start digging the area. Keep in mind that there should be a slope downwards that drains away from the water. Also, make sure that the digging is done to the same level.

Base Material Used

After completing the excavation, lay down the base material which is usually made up of crushed rocks. Spread the base material evenly layer by layer and make sure the ground stays on the same level and a slope.


This is essential for the maintenance of the paved area. Edge restraints are important for keeping the pavers intact. They support the pavers in case of adverse weather conditions and rough usage of the area. The edge restraints can be made of plastic, concrete, metal or wood. You can choose any material you wish to have around your paver patio.

Bedding of sand and paver installation

Before the paver installation, it needs to be embedded all over the base material. This becomes a bed for the pavers that are supposed to be laid next. You can down the pavers in any pattern you wish. Make sure to lay them close together to avoid unnecessary spaces in between.

Sand joints & sealing

After the pavers are laid, sand is swept all over the pavers to fill up the spaces in between. Make sure you use fine-grained sand which is often available as ‘paver sand’ too. Polymeric sand is normally used to create a bond between the pavers and help seal all the joints. This will further strengthen the bond between the pavers and will keep them intact.

After you’re done, clean the newly placed pavers by removing any extra debris.

Benefits of Paver Patio’s Installation

Paver patios are easy to maintain, durable as well as affordable. Just a one-time investment can change the outlook of your outdoor area. This way, the space can be utilized in a better and more frequent way.

Not only this, adding a paver patio to your Dewitt, MI house can add to its scenic beauty and increase its market value.

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