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Bath, MI Residential Small Tree & Shrubbery Pruning

As a homeowner in Bath, MI, it is incredibly pleasing to decorate your property with shrubs and trees that add style and personality to your yard. Of course, the more trees and shrubs that you have on the Bath, MI property, the more time will be required to care for them all. Many homeowners attempt to prune their own trees or bushes and come to realize that they aren’t growing as well as before. Pruning technique is crucial and professionals who work in this field on a daily basis are masters at pruning trees and bushes so that they thrive throughout the year, keeping your residential property in top shape. By hiring a professional Bath, MI Tree & Shrub pruning company, your time is freed up and you can truly enjoy the landscape that you have carefully crafted for yourself.

When hiring Rambo Outdoor Management LLC to manage trees on your Bath, MI property, you can be confident that your yard will be kept clean throughout the process and that plants will be growing as strong as possible. Our qualified employees are able to recommend fertilizers and mulch products to help nourish and beautify your property. Not all products are created equal, so having a pro on your side can make all the difference when caring for multiple types of plants and trees. For hedges, trained professionals are capable of keeping edges straight throughout trimming and making hedges thick and healthy. A hedge that is not properly cared for can get overly bushy or, as a worst-case scenario, can become thin and scraggly on the bottom and bushier on top. To avoid these issues, a minimum of one trim per year is recommended. During winter months, our team can remove snow from the tops of hedges to avoid damaged branches. 

Before we start work on your Bath, MI property, we create a plan with you to establish how often pruning should happen depending on the types of trees and hedges on your property. Some trees grow faster than others and should be maintained more often so that your yard looks its best. When we fertilize plants and trees, they may grow faster and fuller than they have in the past and pruning may become necessary at more regular intervals. If you happen to notice that your trees and bushes need work earlier than planned, giving us a call at 517-898-8137 is enough to have us reschedule and meet with you so that your pruning needs are met right away. We strive to keep our customers happy with excellence service.